2014 Festival Guests

Additional guests will be added as they are confirmed
**All guests appear on the condition of their availability**

The 2014 Memphis Film Festival
will be paying tribute to the great TV westerns of the past.
To fit that theme, we have invited guests who have direct
connections to those wonderful programs!


Special Western TV show cast reunions!!


"The Waltons"

The Waltons ran from 9/14/72 to 6/4/81
along with a series of 7 TV movies before and after these dates
on the CBS TV network
and was produced by Lorimar Productions.

The cast included (in order of number of appearances)
Jon Walmsley as Jason Walton
Mary Beth McDonough as Erin Walton
Eric Scott as Ben Walton
Judy Norton as Mary Ellen Walton
David W Harper as Jim Bob Walton
Kari Cotter as Elizabeth Walton
Earl Hamner, Jr as The Narrator
Ralph Waite as John Walton, Sr
Michael Learned as Olivia Walton
Will Geer as The Grandfather
Ellen Corby as Esther Walton
Richard Thomas as John-Boy Walton

Show Reference / Episode List (210 episodes)

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Representing "The Waltons" will be...

Jon Walmsley

Jon is an accomplished performers in all areas!
Besides his multiple years as Jason Walton on the award-wining Waltons series,
he is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer.

He has worked with many other performers including Merle Haggard, Roy Acuff, the Doobie Brothers,
The Beach Boys' Al Jardine, Spencer Davis, Dean Torrance of Jan and Dean,
Richard Marx and the Strawberry Alarm Clock.

But he finds time to continually do reunions with the Waltons and other activities.

He also created the voice behind the boy, Christopher Robin, in the Walt Disney
Winnie the Pooh animated shorts.

Biography / Film Credits



Judy Norton

(Unfortuntely, Ms. Norton has had to cancel for conflicting schedule reasons.)

Judy Norton has not rested on her accomplishments as Mary Ellen Walton!
She is an accomplished performer and singer in her own right.

She has also ran a string of dinner theatres and done her fair share of directing
different plays and performances.

Her other TV work has included "Christy: Back to Cutter Gap", "Ed"
and "The Love Boat" among others!

Biography / Film Credits



Mary Beth McDonough

(Unfortuntely, Ms. McDonough has had to cancel for conflicting family reasons.)

Mary Beth McDonough has kept very busy since her days
as Erin Walton on the sentimental family drama.

Her other TV work includes "The New Adventires of Old Christine",
"Walker, Texas Ranger", "Boston Legal" and many others.

She is also an accomplished life coach and has written a book based on her experiences,
"Lessons from the Mountain".

She is looking forward to sharing the festival with all her fans!

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Additional Western TV show stars!!



Cheyenne ran from 9/20/55 to 9/13/63 on the ABC TV network
and was produced by Warner Bros. Studios.

The cast included
Clint Walker as the title character, Cheyenne Bodie
L. Q. Jones as Smitty

Show Reference / Episode List (107 episodes)

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Representing "Cheyenne" will be...

Clint Walker

Making a return appearance at the Memphis festival this year will be
the big man who started the entire Warner Brothers TV western kingdom -
Clint Walker, better known as Cheyenne Bodie !!

After his sucessful TV career, Clint moved on to motion picture stardom
in a string of succesful movies such as "Yellowstone Kelly,"
"The Dirty Dozen," "The Night of the Grizzly, " "Sam Whisky,"
"The Great Bank Robbery" and many more.

Let's welcome back the Big Man of TV westerns - Clint Walker !!

Biography / Film Credits





Gunsmoke ran from 9/10/55 to 3/31/75
on the CBS TV network
and was the basis of five TV novies
that ran from 1982 to 1994.
It was produced by Arness Production Company
and Filmaster Productions.

The cast included
James Arness as Matt Dillon
Milburn Stone as "Doc" Adams
Amanda Blake as Kitty Russell
Dennis Weaver as Chester Goode
Buck Taylor as Newley O'Brien
Ken Curtis as Festus Haggen

Show Reference / Episode List (635 episodes)

Click "Play" to see the opening of "Gunsmoke"

...and here is the famous introduction to the first episode
made by John Wayne...

Representing "Gunsmoke" will be...

Buck Taylor

Buck Taylor played Newley O'Brien on the classic western over the last 10 years
of its broadcast history. In that time, he became one of the recogniable co-stars of
television history.

Besides his regular work on Gunsmoke, he is also known for his other roles ranging from classic TV shows
such as "Death Valley Days", "The Monroes", "Daniel Boone","The Big Valley", "The Virginian",
"Branded", "Wagon Train", "Bonanza" and many, many others.

But his acting roles are not limited to TV - he has performed in many feature films as well
such as "Pony Express Rider" (with his father, Dub Taylor, and his Gunsmoke co-star,

Ken "Festus" Curtis), "The Sacketts", "The Legend of the Lone Ranger",
and the recent "Tombstone", "The Alamo", "Cowboys and Aliens"
and "The Long Ride"

Buck has also created a livelihood from his hobby - he is an professional painter in watercolors.
Many of his paintings are based on his acting roles.

Biography / Film Credits




"The High Chaparral "

The High Chaparral ran from 9/10/67 to 3/12/71 on the NBC TV network
and was produced by NBC and Xanadu Productions.

The cast included
Leif Erickson as Big John Cannon
Cameron Mitchell as Buck Cannon
Linda Cristal as Victoria Montoya Cannon
Henry Darrow as Manolito Montoya
Mark Slade as Billy Blue Cannon
Frank Silvera as Don Sebastian Montoya
Don Collier as Sam Butler
Rudy Ramos as Wind

Show Website / Episode List (98 episodes)

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Zorro ran from 1/5/90 to 12/2/93
on The Family Channel TV network
and was produced by New World Television Studios.

The cast included
Duncan Regehr as Don Diego de la Vega / Zorro
Henry Darrow as Don Alejandro de la Vega
James Victor as Sgt. Jaime Mendoza
J.G. Hertzler as Alcalde Ignacio de Soto

Show Reference / Episode List (88 episodes)

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Representing "The High Chapparal" and "Zorro" will be...

Henry Darrow

Making another appearance at the Memphis Film Festival
will be the popular actor, Henry Darrow!

Henry's familiar face has been seen in dozens of TV shows and films
including appearances on Bonanza (which led to his role of "Manolito"),
Gunsmoke and The Wild Wild West.
He even appeared in the 1994 feature film version of Maverick!

Henry may have the distinction of being the actor with the most
connections to the famous character, Zorro.  He was a regular on two
TV series based on the hero (Disney's "Zorro and Son" and the Family Channel's "Zorro")
as well as provided the voice of the swordsman in the Filmation animated series.

Biography / Film Credits





Riverboat ran from 9/13/59 to 1/2/61
on the NBC TV network
and was produced by Meladare Productions and Revue Studios.

The cast included
Darren McGavin as Captain Grey Holden
Burt Reynolds as Ben Frazier
Michael McGreevey as Chip Kessler

Show Reference / Episode List (44 episodes)

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Representing "Riverboat" will be...

Michael McGreevey

Michael McGreevey has had about three careers in his time in Hollywood!

Initially Michael was a successful child actor. He not only made the series "Riverboat" but
he did many other shows like "Black Saddle", "Lassie", "Bonanza", "Wagon Train", "The Waltons"
and feature films, "Day of the Outlaw", "The Way West" and "Death of a Gunfighter".

Then, when Michael was taking on teenager roles, he had regular roles at Walt Disney Studios
with films like "Now ou See Him, Now You Don't", "Snowball Express",
"The Strongest Man in the World" and "The Shaggy D.A.".

Finally, as an adult performer, Michael has moved on the other side of the camera
performing duties as a director, producer and writer. He has become an one-man
production team!

This is an excellent opportunity to learn about all aspects of the entertaiment field!

Biography / Film Credits


(Here you see some of Michael McGreevey's scenes in "Riverboat")




Maverick ran from 9/22/57 to 7/8/62 on the ABC TV network
and was produced by Warner Brothers Television.

The cast included
James Garner as Bret Maverick
Jack Kelly as Bart Maverick
Roger Moore as Beauregard Maverick
Robert Colbert as Brent Maverick

Show Reference / Episode List (124 episodes)

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Representing "Maverick" will be...

Robert Colbert

Robert Colbert will be joining us next summer where he will be honoring him
as one of the Maverick brothers. He played Brent, who was brought aboard
due to his physical resemblence to the departed James Garner.

Robert has worked steadily in Hollywood from the golden days of Hollywood when he
appeared on such seeries as "Death Valley Days", "The Alaskans", "Colt .45",
"Sugarfoot", "Cheyenne", "Lawman", "Bronco", "Tales of Wells Fargo",
"Wagon Train", "Laramie", "The Virginian" and "Bonanza".

He has even starred with the Three Stooges in "Have Rocket - Will Travel"
and also starred with James Darren in the classic sci-fi series, "The Time Tunnel".

Biography / Film Credits




"The Tall Man"

The Tall Man ran from 9/10/60 to 5/26/62 on the NBC TV network
and was produced by Lincoln County Productions and Revue Studios.

The cast included
Barry Sullivan as Pat Garrett
Clu Gulager as Billy The Kid

Show Reference / Episode List (75 episodes)

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Representing "The Tall Man" will be...

Clu Gulager

Clu Gulager has performed in almost every genre in TV and films
but his work in westerns stand out as his finest body of work!

In a career that has lasted over 50 years, besides his stunts on "The Tall Man" and "The Virginian",
Clu has appeared on many westerns including "Black Saddle", "Wanted: Dead or Alive",
"Laramie", "Have Gun - Will Travel", "The Lawless Years", "The Rebel", "The Deputy",
"Whispering Smith", "Bonanza", "Kung Fu" and multiple episodes of "Wagon Train".

Don't miss this opportunity to meet a western legend at
next summer's show!

Biography / Film Credits





"Wagon Train"

Wagon Train ran from 9/18/57 to 9/5/65
on both the NBC and the ABC TV networks
and was produced by Revue Studios and by Universal Studios.

The cast included
Ward Bond as Seth Adams
John McIntire as Chris Hale
Robert Horton as Flint McCullough
Robert Fuller as Cooper Smith
Denny Miller as Duke Shannon

Show Reference / Episode List (284 episodes)

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Laramie ran from 9/15/59 to 9/17/63 on the NBC TV network
and was produced by Revue Studios.

The cast included
John Smith as Slim Sherman
Robert Fuller as Jess Harper
Hoagy Carmichael as Jonesy
Robert Crawford, Jr. as Andy Sherman
Dennis Holmes as Mike Williams

Show Website / Episode List (124 episodes)

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Representing both "Wagon Train" and "Laramie" will be...

Robert Fuller

Robert Fuller has had the good fortune of having "lightning strike three times"
in terms of TV show success.  Besides his successful run on Wagon Train,
TV audiences also recognize him from his memorable roles
on Laramie (as Jess Harper) and on Jack Webb's exciting series,
Emergency (as Dr. Kelly Brackett).

But his experience is not limited to only TV shows - he appeared
on the big screen in Incident at Phantom Hill,
The Brain from the Planet Arous and The Return of the Seven,
the initial sequel to the classic The Magnificent Seven.

Biography / Film Credits




"The Wild Wild West"

The Wild Wild West ran from 9/17/65 to 4/4/69 on the CBS TV network
and was produced by Bruce Lansbury Productuins and
Michael Garrison Productions.

The cast included
Robert Conrad as James Wesy\t
Ross Martin as Artemus Gordon

Show Reference / Episode List (104 episodes)

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Representing "The Wild Wild West" will be...

Robert Conrad

The Memphis Film Festival is excited to announce a rare appearance next year
by the iconic star, Robert Conrad!

This legendary star had one of his earliest roles as Billy the Kid on the "Colt .45" and
from that, built an incredible acting career that would impress anyone!

Besides his famous work as Secret Service adent James West on "The Wild Wild West" (including
two TV reunion movies), Robert has had several TV series including
"Hawaiian Eye", "Baa Baa Black Sheep",
"Search and Rescue", "The D.A.", " and "High Mountain Raiders".

Besides the fine acting and character development on "The Wild Wild West", Robert
went "the extra mile" by doing almost all of his own stunt work.

Don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet this
incredible actor and performer!

Biography / Film Credits

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Bonus Featured Guests !!

Edd Byrnes

The Memphis Film Festival is pleased to announce we will have repeat appearance from
from the star, Edd Byrnes, who first appeared with the MFF back in 1994 - 20 years ago!

This famous star has made his star in Hollywood in various genres - including westerns,
musicals, suspense thrillers and a variety of other areas.

At the Memphis festival, Edd will be reuniting with Clint Walker, whom he co-starred
with in the action western adventure, "Yellowstone Kelly".

In westerns, he has appeared on many televsion dramas such as "Alias Smith and Jones", "The Virginian",
"Lawman", "Maverick", "Sugarfoot", "Colt .45", "Cheyenne" (also with Walker) and "Adventures of Jim Bowie".
In movies, Edd aapeared in several westerns such as "Renegade Raiders", "Secret Gun",
"Professionals for a Massacre" and "Any Gun Can Play".

Of course, Edd also is famous for a couple of interesting roles - as Vince Fontaine in the movie musical,
"Grease", and as 'Kookie' Burns in the classic TV detective series, "77 Sunset Strip" (and he appeared
as 'Kookie' twice on TV's "Hawaiian Eye" with MFF guest, Robert Conrad)!

Edd has been active in show business and will be able to share a considerable amount
with his fans about her incredible career in Hollywood.  And these reunions will make the perfect time
to hear his detailed memories on his time in Hollywood!

Biography / Film Credits



Dennis Devine
(Son of Andy Devine)

The Memphis Film Festival always tries to bring in guests who can give yoou an initimate, personal look
at the lives of some of the great charater actors of western heyday!

And Dennis Devine is no exception!

Being the son of the legendary actor, Andy Devine, He brings with him many memories of early Hollywood
and his father's illustrious career!

Besides bringing many stories to tell, Dennis has also put those memories in his new book.
"Your Friend and Mine, Andy Devine", which he willl make available and sign
at next summer's film festival!

(Be sure to find out about the film he made with his brother, Tad, and their famous father,
Andy Devine!  The film was "Canyon Passage"!)

Biography / Film Credits

Here you see Dennis Devine making an appearnce on Groucho Marx's
"You Bet Your Life" at the age of 17!

Ruta Lee

The Memphis Film Festival is pleased to announce we will have an appearance
by the lovely star, Ruta Lee!

This legendary star of stage and screen has had many TV and film appearances
to make her an instant favorite with our attendees next summer

Her filmography is VERY extensive - from TV apearances to iconic film roles!

On TV, she has had multiple guest appearnces on classics like "Rawhide" (above right photo),
"Wagon Train", "Stagecoach West", "Gunsmoke", "US Marshall", "Colt .45", "Sugarfoot"
and of course "Maverick"!

Her single guest appearances include such great westerns as "Guns of Will Sonnett",
"Bonanza", "The Virginian", "Laramie", "Outlaws", "Cheyenne", "The Rebel",
"Bat Masterson", "Yancy Derringer" and many others.

Other classic TV work included "The Andy Griffith Show" (2 episodes/characters), "Gomer Pyle",
"The Twilight Zone", "The Lucy Show" and co-starred with MFF guest
Robert Conrad on "Hawaiian Eye".

But her work is not just confined to TV work! She also starred in many feature films such as
"Seven Brides for Seven Brothers", "Sergeants Three" (with Frank Sinatra and his famous rat pack),
"Gun Hawk" and "Bullet for a Bad Man" (above left photo).

Ruta will be able to share so very much with her fans about her incredible career in Hollwood.
Plan on meeting her now!

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**All guests appear on the condition of their availability**


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