Carol Adams



The list of movie actresses who starred as female lead opposite both Gene Autry and Roy Rogers is fairly short.  Carol Adams is on that list.

Born Lurline Uller in Hollywood, CA on March 15th, 1918, Carol Adams was discovered at age 5, playing in her aunt's yard at the now famous corner of Sunset and Vine.  (Near the barn where Cecil B. DeMille had filmed the first full-length motion picture produced in Hollywood in 1914).

An executive from a studio across the street asked if she and her cousin would like to be flower girls in a wedding scene. Carol enjoyed the experience and began dance and acting lessons immediately. Soon she began appearing in silent "Our Gang" (Hal Roach) comedies as Bonnie Brighteyes. Beginning in 1927, she appeared in several of Mickey Rooney's "Mickey McGuire" pictures as well as 1927's "7th Heaven" (Janet Gaynor, Charles Farrell). Carol trained and performed with the legendary Meglin Kiddies, and later, in 1929, belonged to the "Hollywood Starlets" a group which included a very young Francis Gumm (Judy Garland).

Miss Adams continued with her lessons and after several years of dancing and singing in numerous vaudeville acts and musical shows on the Pantages circuit and other theatres throughout California and Nevada. At age 18, she signed a two-year contract
with Twentieth Century Fox.

She began appearing in "college" musicals right away, and soon her dancing skills and camera-friendly appearance brought her to the attention of casting directors on bigger and better motion
pictures. Her filmography is below.

In the early 1940's the top three female tap dance stars were: Eleanor Powell, Ann Miller and Carol Adams. In fact, Carol's tap dancing skills were recorded and utilized as the soundtrack for some of young Shirley Temple's movie dance numbers.

In 1944, Carol also appeared in several of James Roosevelt's "Soundies" (the precursors to our modern music videos) including:

"Rhythm on the River"
"JukeBox Joe's"
"Doin' the Hotfoot"

Carol toured the nation as a featured dancer with the 1944 company of the venerable "George White's Scandals". She also toured with a variety show headlined by the manic Ritz Brothers comedy team. At the age of 26, Carol met and eventually married an enterprising studio executive, who later became head of the Art Department at Paramount Studios. She retreated from show business to become housewife and mother to a son and daughter.

Still living in Hollywood, Carol is an avid, weekly golfer and actively dances at several organized events each month.

In Old Chicago (1937) Hat check girl
Love thy Neighbor (1937)
New Faces of 1937 (1937) Dancer
Love and Hisses (1937) Dancer
Life of the Party (1937) Dancer
Hold That Coed (1938)
Thanks for Everything (1938)
Sally, Irene and Mary (1938) Dancer
The Big Broadcast of 1938 (1938) Dancer
Rose of Washington Square (1939) Dancer
Dancing on a Dime (1940) as Polly Adams
The House Across the Bay (1940) as Chorus Girl
Dick Tracy vs. Crime Inc. (1941) [Ch.14]
Bad Man of Deadwood (1941) as Linda Barrett
Ice-Capades (1941) as Helen
The Gay Vagabond (1941) as Lucille
Sis Hopkins (1941) as Cynthia
Ridin' on a Rainbow (1941) as Sally Bartlett
Blondie Goes to College (1942)
Ever Since Venus (1944)















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